When I knew I had to do something...

I'm Megan, a 48 yr old mum of two.

My journey began what seems a whole lifetime ago. I have struggled with my weight and self perception my whole life. Disaster struck once and for all when my first husband was killed when I was 28. Depression, post traumatic stress and raising two toddlers (one autistic) meant I comfort ate and my weight spiralled out of control. Medical issues also contributed.

In the last few years my health spiralled forever downward, my joints were packing up, I had diabetes, I couldn't move and I couldn't breathe. Everything hurt. I had to do something so in 2015 I made a decision, I had to change. I changed GPs and found an understanding one who referred me for weightloss surgery. I was declined immediately (my weight at this stage was on record 176kg but I got higher than that) so he referred me again. Again I was declined.

This devasted me, so I did some research and followed the recomendations for diet, etc available on Mr Schroeders website. I increased my exercise by power walking in a pool , started eating from a bread and butter plate and increased my water intake. This all started helping, I was making progress, slowly but surely.

Then my mother blew me out of the water. She bought up the subject of weightloss surgery. I told her I had been declined and she said to make whatever appointments were neccessary and she would pay for it. That was November 2015. I saw Mr Schroeder on 2 Dec 2015 and had my surgery on the 2 Feb 2016.

It was the best if not the hardest thing I have ever done. I still struggle and it's the head game that is the hardest to change but I am winning and I am real. I have good days and bad days but I am learning new habits all the time. I have found that writing things down has helped immensely and have a Facebook page called Meg's Milestones.  At this stage I have lost 92 kg from the start of my journey and I have gained a life. My husband and I can do things together, instead of me just watching. I can exercise the dog and I can mow the lawns. I am working full time. These are all things I couldnt do two years ago.

This is my story, it is ever going, thank you for reading.

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