Best Pulled Pork Ever

"I make one of these most weeks. The meat can be used in so many other meals and it is juicy and tender. It is very important that you buy a piece of pork shoulder with the bone in else, well I won’t be responsible." -Tara Sutherland, Nourish & Nurture

2 kg pork shoulder (remember, bone in). 

4 rashers sugar free bacon 

pink Himalayan salt

Place the rashers of bacon on the bottom of the slow cooker.

Take the pork shoulder and rub all sides with a very generous amount of pink salt. Place the pork into the slow cooker and leave it on low for 16 hours.

Energy: 10604.7 kJ, Protein: 224.6g, Fat: 182.9g, CHO: 1.1g, Sugars: 1.1g