Spotlight on: Simple Swaps

Whether it is in the initial months or years post-surgery, it easy for old habits to creep back in. Old habits can come in many different forms, but one we commonly see is forgetting to read nutrition labels on foods. Over time, label reading can get lost, as it can add extra time to the supermarket shop. When label reading dissipates, often we revert back to buying brands and products that we recognise or used prior to making lifestyle changes, despite the sugar and the fat content. It also allows us to be lured in by cool packaging, change of product names and something with “NEW” displayed on the outside. This leads us to becoming unconscious about what’s really in the food we buy.

Spotlight on: Protein Bars

Spotlight on: Protein Bars

Protein bars are targeted towards those who want a convenient source of protein that doesn’t require preparation. They are a nutritional supplement that adds protein and potentially other nutrients to your diet. Whilst protein bars aren’t intrinsically good or bad, how you use them as a part of your overall eating habits can be the difference between them being beneficial or detrimental to your health and energy needs.

Spotlight on: Anchor Protein + - Is it all that it’s marketed to be?

Spotlight on: Anchor Protein +    - Is it all that it’s marketed to be?

I have been having a lot of people ask about the new range Protein + products by Anchor. This new range includes Protein + yoghurts, protein powders, and milk. With all the hype that this product has created, I thought it was about time we went a little deeper to find out what’s actually in these products.