Joyce's Patient Story: Little Steps, Big Goals

Hello, my name is Joyce Daniel.

I'm a 49 year old Teachers Support at Tokoroa Intermediate School. In May 2015, I was given the opportunity to have the Gastric Bypass procedure that has since changed my life. I was nervous and scared as hell about what was going to happen to me. When I went for my appointment I weighed 149 kilos- the heaviest I've ever been. Then my weight loss journey began.

First I had to lose some weight before even having the op, which I achieved. As ‘big' as I was, I played netball, touch and squash. I love sports.

A couple of months after my op, I started slowly exercising with walking and water aerobics, of which I am an instructor. My walk increased from 3 km to 6km then to 10km. First goal achieved. My next goal was to run which I could never do because I was too big. Just like walking, I started with little steps. Now I’m running 10km, 3 times a week on top of doing Cross Fit training 2 or 3 times a week too. This was another one of my goals I have conquered and I love doing it.

None of this was easy, but if you want to make your life happier and longer, I highly recommend having this operation. I have gone from a size 26 to a size 10-12. I love shopping for clothes now, and love wearing jeans :)  I now weigh 84kg with a loss of 65kg since my surgery, and I’m still losing.

Bear in mind, surgery is only a tool and there is a lot of work that needs to be done after the op. The team at Dr Schroeder’s surgery are awesome and they give their patients the best support and advice. Many thanks to them all from me.

My relationship with my partner has flourished too. We walk together, I don't moan anymore if he parks our car miles away and I have to walk a long way to get to a store- he’s having to keep up with me now. Haha! 

So from me to everyone that is thinking of having the bypass, don't let it scare you and I highly recommend it. 

I am really happy and continue taking little steps towards big goals!