Kahu's Patient Story: From Cluttered Shed to S.H.E.D

As I reflect on the past four months of my life, since my bariatric bypass surgery, I knew the decision I made was going to be a life changer. 

My first two to three weeks starting with ¼ cup of mashed food per meal to keeping to a restricted nutritious food plan, was what I expected. Keeping up the intake of fluid, I had to make a determined effort to reach the goal of 2 litres per day. For some people this is not a problem, but for me I found difficult at first even though I knew this was the norm, having been on various diets previous. Now I always have my water bottle with me and have no problems drinking between 2-3 litres per day, that’s including hot drinks.

This time it made me recognise how much fluid my body wasn’t getting before I had my operation and the weight impact it had on my joints, especially my knees. I don’t hear the creek anymore in my knees when I walk up stairs or have sore elbow and finger joints like I use to.

So what has this all got to do with a shed? 

Our internal garage (aka the shed) holds memories of our past. It's packed with boxes of books, memorabilia, garden and electrical tools, 3 adult bikes, chest freezer, clothes drier, a large wood box, golf, tennis, squash, diving equipment and exercise equipment, no room for a vehicle. 

Our exercise equipment consists of an Xtreme cross trainer, AB King PRO, Tread Mill (with all the bells and whistles), Swiss Ball and exercise cycle. All bought over the past years as we tried to take control of our weight gain. You know, the equipment that ends up sitting idle after the first 1-2 months of use, or shoved in the corner for later, then relegated to the shed. 

Both my partner and I have done every food diet you can think of, Weight Watchers, Jenni Craig, Herbalife, Sureslim, Kate Morgan, Optifast etc and own food plans, bought all the weight loss supplements, protein shakes that are still in our cupboards (all still useful). All of them worked, but as long as we kept consistently at it. Our enjoyment of food would soon take over after losing between 8-12 kilograms over 2-3 months.  

Like all the statistics show, the weight piled on again quickly and with vengeance, usually gaining more then what was lost.

That’s the past SHED

Today’s S.H.E.D I use as an acronym to keep my weight loss in control but most importantly realising the power of the mind to keep as a consistent regular habit, that has become the norm.

S – Supplements

H – Hydrate

E – Exercise

D – Daily

This is what I do as soon as I get up in the morning, after the regular visit to the toilet, I take my prescribed supplements, always have a bottle of water on hand to start the hydration, take a half hour to an hour’s walk or use the exercise equipment immediately after and have breakfast after all this is done first thing in the morning, daily.

I keep to this, along with a nutritious daily intake of food, and the weight loss has been so much easier. No doubt the surgery has been the defining tool to help with the weight loss, but never have I ever in the past 25 years lost more then 12 kgs at one given time.

 I am now sitting at 22.5 kilos weight loss, and although at times my weight loss has fluctuated between 700 grams to 1.7 kgs per week, the point is I have consistently lost and at a gradual pace. I have set myself a goal to reach my target weight by the end of May next year (anniversary of my operation), and so far I am well on target. 

I will be celebrating this by taking part in a Marathon with friends and my partner. Never ever would I have  entertained the idea!

I have discovered my inner strength of mind, body and spirit to take control and organise my life around my eating, exercise regime, regular hydration and work. The weekly grocery cost has halved, something I never thought would happen.

Social outings have been great, as people have noticed the weight loss, and comment with positive remarks. With my close friends and family I have told them I have had the bariatric bypass surgery done, some of them are now contemplating whether they should as well. 

I tell them:

 It’s not only about shedding weight, but it is about shedding old habits. The fitness of the mind is just as important as the fitness of the body.

I feel on top of the world everyday, simply because I have regained my confidence, feel energised, looking at diversifying into different challenges in life and determining my own destiny.

I have noticed in myself I have a different attitude towards people and life in general, very positive and more engaging. My attitude has also been noticed by lots of my friends and family, virtually from an introvert person to an extrovert, infectious is another way of describing this. I know I would never have written an article like this on something so personal about myself before. I have achieved more in the last four months then what I have in the past 25 years, as far as my health and mindset is concerned.


A very satisfied client, Kahu.