Weight Loss Solutions

Thank you for your interest in Weight Loss Solutions. We have a range of non-surgical options for those people where surgery isn't a viable option or who want to avoid invasive procedures. Our nutritional and psychological program assists people to lose weight without surgery and to help sustain weight loss long-term.

Our two programs consist of a 12-week intensive and a 12-month maintenance program. Both of these involve a 2-hour initial nutritional and lifestyle assessment followed by weekly or monthly advisory coaching sessions depending on the program you choose. A set number of consultations are included in each program

Please find information below to guide you through the process you will follow if you participate in this program. Please read the information links here for costs and program requirements.

You will need to bring the completed Patient Information Profile with you to your initial consultation appointments. Feel free to call us on 07 859 0185 if you have any questions or require additional information. 

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              Process Summary                                         Patient Information Profile