August 2018

I’m still revelling in the success of our Weight Management Workshop. So many wonderful people soaking up knowledge and the fun we had celebrating our weight loss surgery journey that night at the ball. It was lovely seeing so many people dress up and comment that it was a first time for them. That they had never been to a ball before and for some it was the first time in a dress. It got me thinking about how much we miss out on or exclude ourselves from, when we are overweight. It was a sad reminder of how unworthy I felt at my heaviest. How I never believed in myself or thought I wasn’t worth celebrating. I remember the panic I felt when I had a formal event to go to; what would I wear? What on earth am I going to get to fit? And then there’s the shoes! They were the worst as my feet were so swollen and literally nothing fitted; I had resorted to wearing jandals or crocs for years. The shame of it! 

So it was a magical experience for me to witness so many people celebrating themselves at our Winter Wonderland Ball, in their amazing outfits and everyone looked glorious. It will be a golden egg moment for me for sure. There were so many golden egg moments that day and I’m grateful to everyone’s amazing comments and feedback throughout the event. Every part of that day gives me the warm fuzzies. Delicious. I feel like I’m living my purpose and it’s all meant to be. Everything I have gone through has led me to where I am now and all that feels worth it and meant to be. I’m grateful for everything that I’ve learnt and to everyone that acted as my teachers. I get to pass on my knowledge and experience as a result. What seems previously random and accidental now looks to be a part of a bigger, well orchestrated plan that has me now working alongside Andrea and David. I’m so grateful to Andrea for having faith and belief in me. I’m grateful to David for being my surgeon and even more grateful to him for marrying Andrea. It’s been her vision that has built our post operative care package into what it is now.

There were many people that commented to me at our workshop that wished they had been ‘Schroederville’ patients from the start; that the care and fun we have is extraordinary. And that I think is worth celebrating. Along with so many other aspects of this weight loss surgery journey. So take a moment out of your day and reflect on all that you’ve accomplished since having surgery. How many non scale victories you’ve had as a result. Whether it’s being able to fit into a aeroplane seat without an extension belt; to doing a sky dive or like me, just being able to fit into shoes again. And then there are the life saving benefits we can celebrate. Adding years to our lives, going off blood pressure meds, no longer being a diabetic and being more physically mobile. While slim fitting clothes are nice, it’s the years added that’s the major turnaround for many of us. It has been for me and definitely something I don’t take for granted as I may not still be alive if I hadn’t chosen weight loss surgery nearly 10 years ago.

So I celebrate this journey everyday when I wake up and before going to bed. The lessons I’ve learnt and the people I’ve met have all been part of this incredible process and for that I’m truly grateful. So what are you going to celebrate today? Hopefully it’s you.