March 2018

We invited family over for a lunch recently and I thought "we'll just use up what's in the fridge". I had a moment of panic when I doubted if there would be enough to feed everyone!  There was, of course, plenty, and the mish-mash of goodies made for a delicious lunch that suited the various ages and tastes. 

This got me thinking....How often do you find yourself wondering if you 'have' or 'are' enough? (Obviously I am referring to this as a metaphor rather than literally about food). Am I enough? Have I done enough? Have I said enough? Have I offered enough? And how often do you realise afterwards that whatever you are/gave/had/offered was enough? That all the worry and concern was like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain? I call this foreboding joy. When things are actually going so well, that I start worrying about all the things that could go wrong rather than acting mindfully and enjoying the present for all it has to offer.

Do you find yourself thinking like this with your own weight loss journey: expecting the worst to happen and thinking that one day you'll find yourself having regained all you've lost? I know I have experienced those feelings and all they've done is either sabotage my success, or rob me of the celebration that is my WLS journey. I'm always telling others "they are enough, just because they breathe" and yet I too, find I have to say this to myself on occasions when my limiting beliefs (negative self-talk) wants its own platform. It can become deafening :(

That's where being present, still and focusing on my breathing actually helps as it calms my thought processes down and is a reminder to NOT live in the past or in the future, but rather in the NOW. That's all I'm guaranteed.

It's a daily challenge which I have to wake up and put into practice. I hope it's something that you are aware of too, as it's what could be robbing you of the magnificent "you", that you are. YOU ARE ENOUGH, just because you breathe. Remember the full stop that goes after each affirmation. I AM ENOUGH. I AM.

So, I wish you 'enough'. I wish you the confidence to take that next step trusting it will be enough xx