October 2017

I've been doing a lot of work and researching the idea of vulnerability and shame.

For those of you that have come to a Healthy Living Retreat, will have been exposed to these topics and applied them to your own lives. My hero, Brene Brown has spent years researching vulnerability and she discovered that what underpins vulnerability is shame. I thoroughly recommend that you come to a retreat and dig deep into your own triggers to shame and stress and as you do, you can move forward having laid down the foundations to a happy and healthy life.

Over the next few months I will look at topics which affect our capacity for vulnerability.

First up is creativity. I want to start with that because I'm working on writing and performing a new piece of theatre and it's a hugely vulnerable process. Questions like will people like it? Understand it? Will I look stupid on stage? Will people come to see it? What if I make a mistake? Am I good enough?

Creativity is a terrifying concept for a lot of people largely due to comments or limiting beliefs we have had since childhood. These limiting beliefs smother our capacity for artistry in some form or another. Being an artist is scary stuff. It's deeply personal and you never know how people will react to it. Heart and soul goes into creativity yet I've learnt it's probably the only unique contribution we will ever make in our lifetime. We all have creative talents but often feel too scared to explore them for fear of imperfection and judgement.

I've found my harshest critic is myself and not others. In fact it's often hard to accept the amazing compliments and feedback I've had on my artistry. Art can be fun, personal, a social commentary, a career choice and almost always food for the soul. I've been known to use art as a distraction from my problems and from delving into constant grazing. It's a gift we can all offer to others; whether it be craft, visual art, writing or live performance.

Next time you are feeling stuck in a rut, wanting a new hobby or desperately wanting to recreate a past passion, think creatively! It's REAL food for the soul.

Carpe Diem

Maree x