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Non-Surgical Program (Hamilton)

We have a range of Non-Surgical options for those patients where surgery isn't a viable option or who want to avoid invasive procedures. Our nutritional and psychological program assists patients to lose weight without surgery and to help sustain weight loss long-term.

During this program, you can expect:

  • A one-on-one personalised nutritional coaching program

  • A complete analysis of your current lifestyle and dietary habits

  • Practical tips and solutions, recipes and meal ideas to facilitate sustainable weight loss

  • Goal setting and realistic timeframes for short and long term weight loss and maintenance

  • Ongoing support and accountability to achieve your goals

  • Education about the importance of exercise as well as guidance and support with provision of a tailored individual program

Our two programs consist of a 12-week intensive and a 12-month maintenance program. Both of these involve a 2-hour initial nutritional and lifestyle assessment followed by weekly or monthly advisory coaching sessions depending on the program you choose. A set number of consultations are included in each program

Your sessions include dietary advice in the areas of:

  1. Diet and weight history

  2. Healthy eating plans, label reading and menu planning

  3. Overall goals and maintenance of weight loss

And psychological advice in the areas of:

  1. Habits around eating

  2. Specific challenges regarding lifestyles changes

  3. Non-hunger related eating, accountability and motivation

  4. Mind frame - how the mind works and supportive connection with this

  5. Identifying self-defeating behaviours

  6. Goal setting and personal responsibility.