Evaluating the Efficacy of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-based Intervention on Psychological Outcomes of Individuals Post Weight-Loss Surgery

My name is Natalija Damnjanovic and I am a student at Massey University. I am conducting this research project as part of the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology. My supervisors for this project are Dr Kirsty Ross and Dr Matt Williams.

Project Description and Invitation

This project aims to explore changes to weight, relationship with food, and thoughts and feelings about food/weight for individuals who are taking part in the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat. This is important because we currently know little about how these areas may change over time for people who have had weight-loss surgery.

We would like to invite individuals like yourself who will be attending the retreat to participate in the study. 

Who can participate?

We would like to hear from you if you:

·      Have had weight-loss surgery (excluding gastric banding) between 6 months and 2.5 years ago with Weight Loss Surgery Limited (Hamilton or Wellington).

·      Are attending the upcoming Foundations of Healthy Living retreat for the first time.

·      Are not attending any other weight-loss focused intervention over the next four months.

What does it involve?

If you are willing to be a part of this study, you will be asked to complete a survey at three time points during a 4 month period. There will be one survey to complete before the Foundations of Healthy Living retreat begins, one survey shortly after the retreat, and one survey 3 months after the retreat. The survey contains two questionnaires that ask about people's’ attitudes towards weight and eating. At the third time point, there will also be some questions that ask about your experiences of weight and eating more broadly. The first and second survey will take approximately 15 minutes, and the final survey will take between 15 and 45 minutes to complete.

 What will happen to the information collected?

 Your responses will be kept strictly confidential. Any information that could identify who you are (e.g., your email address) will only be accessible by the research team. Identifiable information will be stored securely on a password-protected computer, and deleted once the project is complete. Once the project is complete, a de-identified copy of the dataset will be posted on an open-access online repository. This preserves the research data and can help to improve future research in this area by allowing other researchers to review, understand, validate, and replicate the research. Any information that might identify who you are will be removed before this dataset is shared.

 What are your rights as a participant?

 If you choose to participate, you will have the right to:

·      Ask any questions about the study.

·      Decide not to answer any particular question.

·      Stop completing the survey.

·      Withdraw from the study at any time up until you have completed the third and final data collection point. 

·      As a token of appreciation, you will have the option to enter into a draw to win a $50 petrol voucher.

If you have any queries about the research project or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, or my supervisors Dr Kirsty Ross and Dr Matt Williams:

 Natalija Damnjanovic