Robyn Graves - WLS Ambassador

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What I am Doing…

I am Robyn Graves, a WLS patient 3 years out from Gastric Bypass Surgery.  Through my process I have taken on board as many of the support tools made available to me from this practice and at this stage, I am still maintaining my 92kg loss.  I believe that we are only successful if we commit to ourselves, and therefore commit to the process, and through my role I hope to motivate and inspire others to be able to do the same.  

I am a Personal Success Coach and WLS Consultant and am passionate about giving back to my community of patients.  By running support groups both online and face to face, and providing informational workshops, I hope to break down the stigma of shame around not doing well, weight regain and the surgery process in general; and with the support of our Medical Professional team, help create a safe place for us all to feel confident in asking for help. We can all heal in community and support each other to be healthy (both mentally and physically) for life.

Events are posted on my Facebook page ‘Your Lifebox’ and on the Clinic page.  You can also follow me on Instagram for my daily updates, my crazy ideas and giveaways!

 Our monthly Meet and Move events incorporate community connection and some form of physical activity.  Please check out the calendar for what is currently planned.  In February 2020, we are entering teams and groups of individuals into the Generation Homes Women’s Triathlon at Mt Maunganui.  We will provide a training programme, group training sessions and full support on the day.  Register your entry now on their site and email Andrea with your details.   This event sells out quickly, so register now – you can do it!

 See you all out and about and at some events soon! x