WLS Support Groups - North Island


There is great evidence to link support structures post Bariatric Surgery (support groups) to success rates with excess weight and weight-loss maintenance, and so we have decided to implement more of a systemised approach to support groups.

Robyn Graves, one of our passionate, supportive patients has taken on a Support Group Co-ordinator role and will be creating and facilitating support groups around the country, with a focus on Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Wellington. (there is even an opportunity, if enough interest, of setting these up in the South Island as well). 

We know group therapy and support focus on helping patients make lasting lifestyle adjustments providing an excellent platform to allow you to share successes and failures, as well as providing a sense of community and encouragement. 

Come along and share your journey and receive/provide some encouragement and support :)

If you wish to know where and when the support group will be in your area, email Robyn here